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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher in International Real Estate

Back before the Internet existed, real estate brokers had a problem acquiring would-be investors from afar.

This business opportunity is significant.

real estate agencyGiven the numbers from 2017 available these days that foreign real estate buyers accounted for a little over $153 billion of the overall sales in the United States Of America which subsequently would be an increase of the earlier year of a massive 50 percent. Moreover this symbolizes 10% among all nationwide real estate purchases in the American market. That’s based upon NAR’s 2017 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Domestic Real Estate.

A really fascinating factor to locating your own international real estate clientele is how lucrative it can be for the agency. A different consideration here is the point that a number of international investors are almost always high net-worth people interested to increase their wealth by making sensible investments outside their country of origin.

Yet unfortunately seizing this profitable business is challenging.

The greatest difference around working with the domestic populous in comparison to internationally, is the language barrier. On the other hand many international buyers employ people to break-down the language barrier when seriously considering investment in another country.

Among all countries currently partaking in the US real estate marketplace, China truly dominates and is accountable for over half the entire international sales volume in the US alone. All of this even with the many variations in culture, language and trading and investing practices.

However this isn’t necessarily a one way street. In some countries the “foreign investor” is actually the American.

Costa Rica real estate is one example of a small country where international investment is dominated by the USA who holds a 70% bulk average for all foreign purchases in that country according to CBR (Camera de Bienes Raices) which is the country’s association of realtors.

We will explain how you can enter this sector of the real estate market.

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic transaction administration suite is designed to promote real estate brokers to international leads and assist them to securely and transparently close deals.

Technology is absolutely vital for any deal from start to finish. Let’s lay out a couple of ways any real estate agents might tap in to this market segment.

real estate in costa ricaJoin a transparent international platform

Now you shouldn’t go thinking it’s going to be easy to get in to the international real estate segment. Any real estate agents lookin to become players in the international real estate community, have to start their search by discovering online sites where potential buyers and vendors may hook up. Once determined…join in on the dialogue and gain trust within the community.

If, for example the platform boasts a service provider directory with unfiltered client ratings and reviews along with automated translations, even better.

Think trust and security

A long distance offer, in particular amongst persons in separate countries, are often a recipe for miscommunication plus, in the worst cases, being cheated.

That may be why real estate agents looking to develop their international dealflow want a platform to expedite these transactions with trust and security elements baked in.

Technology shifts at an astonishing speed and nowadays blockchain technology has moved into the mix and forever changed the way real estate professionals conduct business online. Blockchain technology makes way for security at levels never accomplished previously. Real estate contracts when composed harnessing this technology, are developed for good in the encryption and avoiding any updates to the contract from being undiscovered.

Likely one of the great components to employing blockchain technology is for down payments and funds kept in escrow.

Seek accountable, efficient collaboration

One thing is closing deals inside the country however it’s always a totally different thing when completing international deals and these deals need even more care to ascertain a clean closing.

Recognizing all the moving parts to your unfinished contacts, leads and deals is critical to your success. Have you any idea the real time standing of individuals in your pipe at the moment? If you’re not you ought to.

Consider this though, as a real estate agent dealing in international transactions, wouldn’t it be good to have a SaaS tool that handled all the online digital areas from start to finish for any sort of international real estate deal? Transactional openness throughout any real estate purchase is essential but couple that with a technology that can simplify your flow including ensuring security, would forever alter the industry.