Beltline is the heart of Calgary as it is located between 10 Avenue SW in the North and 17 Avenue SW in the South. It is one of the high density neighborhoods in Calgary as it is the home for an estimated number of 22,000 residents. In 2019, with an average price of $307,770 a total of 366 condos were sold while there were only 2 single family homes that were sold with an average price of $537,500. Homes for sale in Beltline are considered affordable when compared to the rest of the suburbs around Calgary.

There are four separate neighborhoods in Beltline which are: East Victoria Crossing, Victoria Crossing Center, Connaught Center, and West Connaught. 17th Avenue is also found in Beltline. It is widely known as Red Mile and is a part of the Calgary Business Revitalization Zones. It houses the best pubs for hangouts, boutiques for shopping, and restaurants good for dining experience. Earl’s Tin Place is also located in the Beltline.

homes for sale in beltlineIt is a famous institution wherein people from Cliff Bungalow, Mount Royal, and Elbow Park goes to for years. Sunterra Market, Kalamata Grocery Store, and Aramanth Whole Foods Market are one of the few grocery options around the community. For your fitness needs, you can go to quite a few gyms, fitness studios, and yoga studios. The Talisman Center also has an indoor track and facilities for swimming, weights, and racquet sports. The Lougheed House that was previously owned by Isabella and Sir James Lougheed is one of its best architectural pieces that is worth checking out. The 121-year old McHugh House at Center Street and 17 Avenue SW is the newest pub in town as announced by the Beltline Neighborhoods Association. You can book this place and enjoy partying inside.

According to Real Estate Partners, a Beltline real estate listings site, it is primarily safe in Beltline since the underground parking garages of high rise condos are difficult to access but it is recommended to take extra precautions even if there is a low crime rate in this neighborhood. It is to assure the safety of you and your family. Buildings from the past years are preserved in Connaught and the communities closeby. Beltline holds most of the heritage buildings in Calgary. This abundance of historical infrastructures adds up to the value of the community which pushed them to take note and research thoroughly about every heritage building went down to the smallest of details. Single people and young professionals favor living in Beltline condos because of its very lively community. It also appeals to families seeking an active lifestyle and vibrant aesthetic. There are quite a few schools around the community to enroll in.

With a high density population, new properties are opting to build upwards and turn old homes into new condos. Thanks to its central location public transportation is such a breeze for its residents as they are also offered car2go vehicles that are great if you are opting into a car-free lifestyle and it doubles as helping the environment as well. Potential home buyers will be enticed by the huge amount of unique and amazing qualities of this community as it stands out differently than the rest.